Don’t Say no one warned you.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by madrid9, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. you been listening to tv preachers again?
    Pat Robertson predicts 'mass killing'
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  3. Madrid...what u been smoking dude? Might wanna see about a refund or stick to something a little milder...or better yet just don't inhale.
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  4. You have the wrong ET my friend :D

    PS: Are you using Fib time projection on this call ?
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  5. I was willing to bet bluestreek started this thread. I was already prepared to say you have already warned us daily for 3 months. :D
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  6. ET needs a new forum entitled, Conspiracy Theories, Fortune Tellers, and I'm Off My Meds.
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  7. Another user added to the ignore list.
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  8. Madrid.. Did you manage to get out of those Stonecutters?
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  9. There has never been anything other than coincidental premonition. If your psychic powers were so great, you wouldn't be hanging out on elitetrader trying to learn how to trade; billions would be at your disposal within MINUTES.
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  10. madrid9


    me learning to trade.

    how exactly did you figure that

    I am illuminated, you can only hope to learn to trade from me.

    my net worth currently is 3.4 Mil euro

    how about you...
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