Don’t Say no one warned you.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, by 2010 you need to stockpile food and water in secret location if you care about your own little lives or life of your family.

    Things will happen that are beyond control of us or government, many will perish.

    But rest assured humans will survive to repopulate, although many will be slaves to overlords.

    I am writing this in hope that some of you will, say to yourself, well this post sure is crazy but perhaps its not a bad idea to buy few non perishables in case of earthquake like San Francisco quake etc…

    How do I know something will happen, well lets just say we the illuminated ones are well…..illuminated.

    I feel sorry for young people who have plans cause they'll have to change those plans if they survive.
  2. Is this the end of the Mayan calender doomsday thingy?

    I thought that was December 2012

    And if you are so illuminated then explain the purpose of incarnation in relation to consciousness and the absolute, because i know the answer to that one and I'm a long way from being enlightened
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    oh boy oh boy

    are you ready for this one,

    I can tell you, its not a breach of protocol because it won't fit into your mind anyway

    here it is

    We are powerful beings who created this universe in such a way so that life is a side effect of existence of universe

    the reason we did it is, so that we have a theme park if you will for all kinds of experiences.

    human, advanced ET life experiences, animals etc

    after we die we choose to go back into this reality or choose not to.
  4. Thanks, I've penned it into my diary.
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    LOL :D
  6. Riiiiiiiight *Dr Evil voice*
  7. I have a flat of pork and beans in my pantry thats been there since Desert Storm. Wonder if theyre still good?
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    you know, you could try to contribute more other than the fact that you don't clean your house often

    :D :D hey I don't either

    but you do understand that you would need cans and water for 5 months use right.

    all you need to do is survive for 5 months after that it will get easier

    oh shoot, I forgot to add that you need to arm yourself.
  9. I have 700 rds. of 7.62 x 39 ammo and something to deliver them with though I doubt seriously I will ever need them.Got them right after 9/11 in a moment of paranoia.:)
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    you beat me, honestly I have 500 rounds.

    I thought 500 is enough but you Americans sure like to top it off when it comes to ammo and guns
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