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  1. about time that clown is gone.
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    May I ask why? Does he have a less than great reputation?
  3. Check the link in the post above yours. With all Donaldson's talk about trade throughs in equities (he's from the NYSE), there are hundreds of thousands of such violations in the options markets. Most of the violations are against public investors. The problem has existed for years and you can prove the SEC knew about the whole thing. But his friends aren't involved so it's allowed to languish.

    These conflicts of interest exist throughout the SEC.
  4. The SEC is just a stepping stone for legal types to get to the big bucks on the other side....They like to prosecute ...rather threat the paying community ...for not a lot of money...and then defend the job they really wanted...for their sought after bucks...

    Conflicts...This is the simplest form of legal conflict...

    Hey...but nobody is policing the police...

    And who cares....


    Look at any meaningful government office....look at the better employees..then watch what happens to their bank accounts...

    To use the government in any form to extort money from businesses is wholely legal...

    This is highly implicit in NASD...SEC dealings...

    Let there be absolutely no doubt about it...

    How to stop it ?

    Prosecute individuals only for big big threat impositions...

    To ...... with them all....They are the lowest form, of life on earth...and stand big time in the way of flourishing capitalism....
  5. i am just wondering whom Goldman will appoint next?
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    There seems to always be a moment of jubilation when people hear this or that person is resigning from this current circus act, but then when u find out who the replacement is the smiles turn to tears.

    Senor Zen
  7. sort of reminds me of the bush-clinton-bush train wreck.
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    i am just wondering whom Goldman will appoint next?

    you mean anoint next

    disgusting cynic or is it a disturbing realist?:)
  9. maybe a disturbed cynic?
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