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  1. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Gallup.Trump only has an approval rating of 50 % or higher in 17 states

    Trump Has Averaged 50% or Higher Job Approval in 17 States
    by Jeffrey M. Jones

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Donald Trump, who has averaged 40% job approval since his inauguration, received approval ratings of 50% or higher in 17 states in the first half of 2017. Residents in an equal number of states gave him approval ratings below 40%. In 16 states, his ratings ranged between 40% and 49%.
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    First half of the year??---Looks like Trump has gained 4 points since Mid November. You're way too early on touting polls and I really don't pay any attention to them at all.
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    Tony Stark

    It is early but since the 1930's when approval rating polling started no president has won re election unless their approval ratings were around 50 %.I doubt Trump is at 50% in 2020.
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    Way too early----and he's at 42 so not far away from your standard. I won't even think about this again and he likely won't either. He is not governing by poll, he is governing by principle
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  5. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    He's at 37 and a 13 point approval rating gain is huge even more so for a president who has never been above 46%


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    Classic Liberal gratuitous insult because he can think of nothing else to say.
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    You're right. It's not like conservatives never use this tactic, all standup citizens and always polite without exception!
    Sidenote, it's a shame US politics has kidnapped terms like "liberal", "conservative" and completely perverted them.
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    No. It's a shame that Republicans have perverted the word conservative and Democrats have perverted the word liberal. The correct description of the two parties is --Republicans are Liberals and Democrats are Progressives.
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  10. As I was preparing questions to ask for my political survey, I realized that the order the questions are asked and way thay they are asked will substantially effect the outcome of the survey.

    Survey results are meaningless, but The news media seems to love quoting them. They use survey “results” in an attempt to sway public opinion. For example, “most people believe...,” (therefore you should to).

    I would be able to “legitimately” manufacture a 60.3% Trump approval rating by asking economic type questions before asking Trump popularity questions.

    Trump has admited the following: He has used the bankruptsy laws to his advantage and influenced politicians for a bargain price and that they were terrible negotiators. I wonder how offten the the U.S. media admits their “naughtiness”, screw-ups, and lies?

    The Swamp has been around a long time, including Congressmen on both sides of the isle and their enablers in the media.

    Of course Trump is getting hit from all sides. How are you going to change things without stepping on some toes of the establishment?

    He appears to be making progress, as highlighted by other posters here on ET.

    You are welcome to board the Trump Train. You are also welcome to listen to “Love Train” by the O’Jays while reading this!
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