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    chain migration allows sibling sponsorship
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  2. Ever since Nancy makes this her Twitter page photo . . . . . .


    Trump went and changed his Twitter page photo to this . :D .


    He says the Constitution is 'phony' and says he could have made Five Billion Dollars if he were not President ,
    says the rubes owe him that money.

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    Reminder----even though this next one shows a tie between Trump and Warren, Dems need a double digit lead now nationally in order to win the Electoral College. This is due to the voting patterns of Calisnoisyork.
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  8. Most polls have a margin of error if 2-3% but someone with a middle school education would not know that. Kind of changes your Biden, Warren and Sanders polls you are clinging to for life.
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  9. Oops...actually 3.3% margin of error haha....

    Typical middle school education citing a poll and leaving out margin of error haha.

    upload_2019-10-22_13-54-9.png s sorry
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    Voters in battleground states are deeply divided on impeachment

    Voters in the states likeliest to decide the 2020 presidential election support the impeachment inquiry that House Democrats began last month, but a majority still opposes impeaching President Trump and removing him from office, according to a New York Times/Siena College survey.

    In the six closest states carried by the president in 2016, registered voters support the impeachment inquiry by a 5-point margin, 50 percent to 45 percent. The same voters oppose impeaching Trump and removing him from office, 53 percent to 43 percent.
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