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  1. cause trump supporters are dumb fucks like you. just fucking go away. your level of stupidity is going from entertaining to infuriating.
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  2. UsualName


    Even Wilbur Ross would rather sleep than listen to Trump’s bullshit:


    Also, how weak is Trump’s circle right now. It’s these 3 guys and Mnuchin, other than Giuliani who Trump only calls in when he’s deep in it.
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  3. vanzandt


    ....You forgot Hannity
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  4. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    60% approval?Guess thats why dems got 3 million more votes in 2016 and 10 million more votes in 2018.
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  5. Here4money


    he's only gotten more popular since inauguration you see!!
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  6. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Same pollster

    Generic Congressional Ballot’s All Tied Up

    The final Rasmussen Reports Generic Congressional Ballot before Election Day shows Republicans edging ahead by one point, but in essence, the two parties are tied. The survey has a +/-2 percentage point margin of error.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds that 46% would choose the Republican candidate if the elections for Congress were held today. Forty-five percent (45%) would vote for the Democrat

    Rasmussen had Republicans +1.Democrats won by +10
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  8. Buy1Sell2


    Pro-Trump on Fox before Fox fired him-----now Anti-Trump on CNN. What a Ho Bag.
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  9. Buy1Sell2


    I suspect that one of two things will happen with the Democrat nomination this cycle. --The Dems know that none of the candidates other than Biden has a ghost of a chance to beat Trump. Biden's chances are small, but he is not perceived as being as nutty as the rest. --I believe that even if Biden 's poll numbers drop, the Democrat hierarchy will fix it so that he gets the nomination, or a new candidate will arrive on the scene------One that is perceived as being more mainstream like a Bloomberg, Clinton or Cuban. ----They will not allow a socialist to be the nom.
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  10. vanzandt


    Cuban is laying low but if he were smart he'd challenge Cornyn in 2020 for TX Senate. If Beto can come that close to Cruz, Cuban may have a chance. Although Cornyn appears invincible in TX. A couple years in the Senate will set him up nicely for a 2024 (if Trump wins) run or a 2028 run.
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