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    I've been forecasting eventual higher personal tax rates for most Americans for years now as various posters peddle a lot of theories why the US federal debt/deficit doesn't matter. My reasons are rather simple; in Canada earlier in my life we had national debt to GDP figures very similar to current day US figures. Our solution was higher personal taxes. Unless we get a surprising huge shift in the US situation, and Trump's deficits say otherwise, it's likely you go down the same road.

    Fast forward to today and Canada's effective personal tax rates have gradually declined the last 20 years after we had government surpluses for a few years. Our federal debt to GDP is significantly lower then the US and our most recent federal deficit was $12B ( quite a tame number ). Long term the higher taxes worked out. If there was a better solution they didn't find it.
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    President Trump's approval rating remains at 52 percent today---Looking good----
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    President Trump's approval rating looking even better today as it stands at 53 percent. Go Go Go!!!
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    Trump is doing great at the U.N.:

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    53 is his disapproval moron

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    No. It's not. ---and I suspect his approval is closer to 60 percent. Trump always polls lower than actual due to the media bias criticizing Trump supporters. ---So folks Trump supporters don't always answer correctly or don"t answer at all.
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