donald trump. the ultimate republican american hypocrite

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  1. Donald Trump Refuses To Release His Own College And Passport Records

    While Donald Trump had no problem demanding that Barack Obama reveal details about his passport and time at college on Wednesday, the billionaire business mogul proved rather less forthcoming when it came to a request for information about himself.

    Trump announced on Wednesday that he would donate $5m to a charity of Obama's choosing, if the president handed over his "college records and applications, and passport application and records".

    But when the Guardian contacted Trump's office to ask for Trump's college and passport records, it was accused of "trying to be funny" and the request was deemed to be "stupid".

    "I tell you what, he'll provide them to you when you provide yours to him," said Michael Cohen, executive vice president at the Trump Organization and special counsel to Trump, in what began as a friendly encounter.

    I readily agreed to the deal, and offered to provide my college records and passport-application records to the Trump office for inspection. That seemed to prompt a change of heart.
  2. Why does a free thinker post immature, childish, drivel to a bona fide request? Trump didn't pledge "transparency" Obama did. I'm sure as a free thinker you dissed Bush's college grades, whazzupp wid Obamer posting his grades. Obama is a "professor", oh yea, a professor of law without a license or a report card. harumppp harumppp.:D
  3. wtf. what are you a high school kid?

    "'Never argue with a fool, they will lower you to their level and then beat you with experience.'-Woody Allen"
  4. Meanwhile bacl at the ranch....

    Are you going to answer the question?

    What is so bad about asking Barry to post his college grades?
  5. Trump is not running for president
  6. nothing. so long as you are willing to do the same yourself. a hypocrite asks someone to do something they are unwilling to do themselves.
    do you think trump should ask romney for his tax returns? just to be fair?
  7. --------------------------------------------------------

    whazzupp wid Obamer posting his grades.

    Re the above. No I'm not a high school kid. My reply/question in that format is meant as a sign of disrespect to your post. So re the quote of the "fool" Ha ha.....:cool: I thought you were a fool first,, na nah:D
  8. i first though you were high school. now i think its grade school. i know 12 year olds who talk like that. lol.
    how did you ever get on "elite"trader. dont they have an age limit?
  9. Does it say anywhere in the Constitution that you have to have a degree to be President?
  10. All of this pheriphial stuff is irrelevant. Barry's grade are relevant.
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