Donald Trump Tells Fox News We're Going To Have A Depression & It's Bush's Legacy

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  1. Mecro


    Gee, maybe cause Trump is full of sh*t? Just like when he claims a new project as "his development" while the fact is that he no longer gets any equity in RE projects and has not for a very long time.

    No, your man crush knows no bounds. Some us of simply know the real story instead of the sleaze self promotion facade being sold to the sheeple.
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  2. zdreg


    10 million was small enough and potentially profitable enoughfor him to go it alone
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  3. Mecro


    You're a proven moron, he does not get equity nor does he deploy capital. He just brands it, as long as there are suckers ready to finance him. Not like I would expect a tabloid rag like NY Post to know that.

    Get back on your knees, I think Trump needs another release.
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  4. zdreg


    that is not the way article is written. it sounds as if he went it alone. you cannot assume that every deal is a branded deal with partners. a small deal is likely to be an equity deal with his contribution. it doesn't matter if he borrowed the money especially if the property is not serving as collateral.
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  5. I was always under the impression he advocated using other people's money for every project. It wouldn't surprise me if he more or less "backstopped" much of what he did. He probably received a fee for being collateral of last resort and never put up a dime of his own money, got a piece of equity and fees in the millions.
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    Clinton signed it - true. He was batter up, and smacked it out of the park after George H.W. Bush tossed the softball.

    Clinton gave China Most Favored Nation Trading Status, all by his lonesome.

    Good work, Bush Sr. and Willy!
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  7. toc


    Do not know about NAFTA, but affirmative action sub prime lending sure did hit the US Financial house below the belt.

    Slick Willy basically rode the internet economic boom and ended his term with a high. Another nonsense he did was to not treat Iraq with more balanced and humane approach. Resulting killing of roughly 1.5M civilians ended up in events like 9-11 and the trillions blown up on the Global War on Terrorism.

    Not to forget that Slick Willy also benefitted from the tax hikes triggered by Bush Sr. and was able to end his term with budgets balanced and looking really SLICK. :cool: :D
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  8. Everything that big-eared, pie-charted Ross Perot told the American People has come true (regarding NAFTA and Chinese trade) - he was the only friggin' guy who told the American People the way it was.
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  9. zdreg


    I don't dispute your point. this project because of its small initial capital 10m for entire project and outsized possible return suggests a possible exception.
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  10. I agree. He probably did this one on his own.
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