Donald Trump Tells Fox News We're Going To Have A Depression & It's Bush's Legacy

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  1. Pundits like Trump go on TV to push their agenda. The statements he made are to create new opportunities for him or to help advance his current projects. Fear mongering is a powerful tool, though usually indirect in its usage.
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  2. If in Trump's view it was so clear that Bush, Iraq, oil prices and whatever additional phantom forces in play were detrimental to growth then why was Trump expanding his development empire

    Bcause of this simple fact i.e give any and most developers,builders credit and its OPM they don't care what the economic enviorment is they will build. I know. Its not about brains ,its balls
    ps(other peoples money):D
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  3. Why was Trump expanding his development empire?

    Builders build and bakers bake. It is all they know how to do and it is what they do.
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    You do not know what you are talking about. Plenty of names in the NYC RE business that are known to those who need to know. Trump is the name for the ignorant masses.

    Those who really make moves try to avoid the spotlight, it's a distraction.
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  5. Mecro


    You're right, I would avoid the bankruptcy part. And would at least make sure my projects could handle the debt service.

    No, I have a sense of integrity, honor and morality. Also, I would stick to being myself, rather than having to put up a facade.

    P.S. Don't forget to wipe your chin when you're done hugging Trump's nuts.
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    Same thing in Chicago- about3 months ago, he hadn't paid his contractors for the prior 120 days. He couldn't get bonded to build in Chicago if he wanted to.

    To anyone who goes into business with this charlatan or takes advice from him, you deserve what you get...
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  7. These are working relationships. You're always going to have a few snags. The important relationships are the tenants and the buyers.
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  8. LOL

    That was funny.:D
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  9. "These days, Mr. Trump adds his name to dozens of real-estate projects and other business ventures around the world, often through licensing agreements and small equity investments"

    I bet most people don't know that he makes most of his money from licensing and TV. His huge debt and failures come from real estate, casinos and airline companies. He does not disclose this on his Trump University fraud site.
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