Donald Trump Tells Fox News We're Going To Have A Depression & It's Bush's Legacy

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  1. Mecro


    No, it's disinformation, and you fall for it like the sheeple that you are.
    Iraq is a symptom, not the problem. Bush Jr. is just a puppet, he does not even understand or know half the stuff his admin did. Why do you think he was on vacation so much.
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  2. Bush's father signed NAFTA into play.
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  3. toc


    Depression is just not possible. New economies like China, India, Brazil, Russia, the former eastern block nations, South America and even Africa are mostly CONSUMER oriented machines now.

    Consumption is encouraged, so it not US ONLY which is driving the demand in the world. Does anyone know that African stock market returns were pretty much highest on average in last few years compared with any other region.

    Oil prices are also down by 50% or more. So this sub prime mess can cause recession for couple of years but depression is taking the possibilities toooooo far. :D
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  4. Incorrect. Bush Sr was only part of the group that wrote NAFTA. Slick Willy, alone, signed it into law.
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  5. Does anyone recall Ross Perot's words... "That giant sucking sound you hear will be jobs leaving America and bound for Mexico"...

    And now of course, they've also gone to Asia.
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  6. So said the Federal Reserve in 1928, one year before the Great Depression began.

    Correct, however, you cannot do business with people who don't have any disposable income. Think about it.

    Sorry guy, I trust history to repeat more than I trust anyone's opinion. And you haven't provided any reason why history cannot repeat itself in this case.
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  7. There were people with more money, better connections who never had the vision of building luxury apts at the time he built Trump Tower. He created "branding" in the real estate biz.
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    even with 1 million gift in your pocket you could not replicate his success. could you duplicate his personality?
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  9. Trumps reputation is in shreds in NYC, he has always been a cheat, untrustworthy, greedy beyond words. He has had to go to Hong Kong to line up financing for his projects. I know a litigator at a very large Manhattan firm who had many stories of representing clients who got fucked by Trump. He embodies the worst of the worst in American business. The only surprise is that no one has bumped him off yet.
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  10. Trump is like most of Elite America. Well educated, moneyed, connected, articulate and 25pts too shy in I.Q. to grasp emerging trends lurking under the surface.

    If in Trump's view it was so clear that Bush, Iraq, oil prices and whatever additional phantom forces in play were detrimental to growth then why was Trump expanding his development empire. Trump projects were "the high is in" sentiment indicator unto themselves. If you drive down Collins Avenue from Sunny Isle to Miami Beach you pass square feet measured in literally the millions of over priced, under subscribed Trump condomania.

    Bubbles have a fairly simple cause. Productivity gains spur wealth. Wealth then enables credit expansion. As the economic cycle rises liquidity begins to outpace viable enterprises. Cash abundant investors chase crappier and crappier risk adjusted returns. As the inevitable failures occur the express elevator on the way up becomes the express elevator on the way down.

    How did Bernanke, Greenspan, King etal attempt to deal with the market's proper adjustments? By throwing even MORE gasoline into the fire. Lunacy.
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