Donald Trump Tells Fox News We're Going To Have A Depression & It's Bush's Legacy

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  1. Just watched his interview by Greta Van Susterin...

    ...I watch Faux News out of curiosity from time to time.

    I find it interesting that Trump is telling 'ole Greta that there simply is no money circulating from the banks to businesses or consumers, and that Bush has created an almost inevitable depression-to-come.

    I'll try to post a video link when I find it.
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    If only the President were that powerful, voter turnout would be asymptotic.
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    Not that I disagree with the call, but Donald Trump is the poster boy for the housing bubble. How many times has that guy overbuilt, overborrowed and gone bankrupt?
  4. Oh, forgot to mention - Trump said that the Iraq War was one of the biggest reasons for the problems we're now experiencing, and that Republicans will be in the wildnerness for a long, long time.

    It's all common sense. He's right.
  5. is trump looking for a job?
  6. That and Affirmative Action Lending initiated by the DemoCraps in '99... was the seed to the current housing/credit crisis and coming depression...
  7. Pay very close attention when someone like Trump tries to lead your thoughts in a direction (distract) that is way too obvious. Trump knows how the REAL world works, but to keep "his game" alive he plays ball as needed. In private Trump will talk about the scam of 9/11, but he will never come out in the mainstream media and tell it how it really is. Remember, compared to most he has a LOT to over convictions.
  8. Trump wouldn't get any celebrity attention if he thought any different. He would be thrown into the fiscal and conservative category which would be horrible for his popularity.
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    doesn't matter. he has stood up and came back. thats what counts, not how or how many times you fall.

  10. It is outright journalistic malpratice that this fact has gone underreported by the mainstream media. Anyone who has some understanding of the seperation of powers clearly knows who the
    obvious culprits are here: the US Senate Banking and finance committee, and the US house banking & finance comittee.
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