Donald Trump sums it up perfectly in this video.

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  2. Thanks for posting, I always enjoy his viewpoints.
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    Even though i think the guy is somewhat of a primadonna, he is always spot on and blunt, i actually like him.

    Greta Vansuteren: I... Obviously i can detect your frustration.

    Donald trump: Im not frustrated at all, i just cant believe our people are so stupid.

  4. That was a great clip. I agree with him spot on.

    This is another reason why the democrats did so badly on election night. While the republican party has been promoting a "free trade no matter what" agenda for years, the democrats advertised that they were the party to create American jobs, yet 2 years after having total power they have not done a single thing to correct the problem.
  5. he is totally wrong.
    its a parabolic trend that is going for the last 200 years- progress in technology. less and less human work is required to produce things. production is dirty cheap.
    you simply cannot change that by rising taxes on chinese products or by making yuan stronger vs dollar.
    do you know what is the cost difference between hourly rate of american worker vs chinese worker? 20x, 50x times?

    what 25% tax will change? or 100% increase in RMBUSD rate?

    and it will be even worse! another tens of millions of chinese will flow into big cities and factories to work!!! add bangladesh, pakistan, indonesia!

    the whole monetary system is in grave danger, because the realisty is EVERYTHING in this world can be produced for a 1/100th of a price you have in the stores!!!! yes, including oil. the rest 99/100 of a price is TAXES, corporate margins (profits) on top of each other.
    CHINA will produce MORE AND MORE AND MORE and U.S. to prevent prices from falling will have to PRINT AND PRINT and PRINT
  6. hey americans. you want jobs? work for 80 cents per hour as hard as chinese with no benefits and no free weekends and maybe you will have a production jobs!
    that simple. mr trump is lying in your face
  7. You don't get it. China is not following free market principals and allowing their currency to be freely priced in the market, hence some adjustment needs to be made for that. Since they wont allow their own currency to be freely priced, it makes it more reasonable for us to attempt to. I understand that this could be a slippery slope. However, it's because of China's refusal to practice free market policy that it's starting to hurt us so much that we need to consider making adjustments for it.

    Also, just because technology has reduced the demand for physical human labor doesn't mean that there is less work to do. It simply means that the demand is for a different sort of labor. In our case, more technically sophisticated labor. The need for further innovation hasn't been satiated, nor will it be for many centuries to come. After all, how do you suppose this technological advancement occurs? It occurs because people are working. Once the technology is developed, then it must be sold and operated. I agree the long term demand for physical labor will shrink, and more of the economy in first world nations will shift towards research and development. But is that a bad thing? Just think how much more exponential technological growth will be when half of more of the economy is working specifically towards some sort of scientific or technological advancement... If you had a better understanding of moore's law and technology in general, you'd have a better grasp of this. All that being the case, the single biggest factor in reducing jobs and wages was the women's rights movement. I am in no way opposed to women working if they so chose. However, that doesn't change the absolute fact that women's rights effectively doubled the amount of labor, and hence halved wages. Once upon a time, one single unskilled worker could provide a family with a middle class lifestyle. At one point, if just one person in the household would get their ass out of bed and go to work full time, the household could live reasonably. That's no longer the case...

  8. I think a missing link in this Chinese puzzle which wasn't addressed and maybe someone here could is what are the Chinese doing with all our money?

    Suppose we did tax imports, suppose the US re-created these jobs as Trump suggests. China has fewer USD, who will buy our debt?
  9. The free market solution is to have China allow it's currency to float. If we can pressure China into that, the problem would largely solve itself. He does have a point with regard to OPEC etc. Arab oil cartels are a huge problem. Also, the fact that the government doubles the price of gas via taxes before it gets into your tank. That being said, Trump is advocating National Socialist style policies. However a National Socialist/Lassiez Faire spectrum would be a much better spectrum on which to operate than our current bullshit repub/dem spectrum...

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