Donald Trump on Miss California: Same as Barack Obama

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    As stated by myself and a few other posters, Miss California and Our Dear Leader have the same exact opinion on this. Notice they never objected to Obama's position, but when she stated her opinion, the statists went into instant attack mode, attacked her personnally and launched a smear campaign.

    Can we say statist hypocracy?

    YES WE CAN!!!!!!
  2. Obama never said he was "biblically correct". You conveniently forgot to mention prejean went around claiming that answer cost her crown.

    If you are going to lecture people on morality, you better be a saint.
  3. Weak defense. The point is the statist response to the answer vs to Obama answer.

    You lose.

  4. Carrie Prejean is not right in her head. And you are a limbaugh drone of which there are many on this site.
  5. Was it "liberal media" that put perez hilton as a judge on Miss USA? No, it was the trump organization/Miss USA pageant.

    Perez Hilton created a question that must have been approved in advance by Miss USA.

    Carrie Prejean says she just spoke her beliefs yet she blames perez hilton for using his beliefs.

    Carrie Prejean went on a "speaking tour" proclaiming how that answer cost her the crown and being a sore loser.

    Now people blame "the liberal media" and "various liberals" for going after her, conveniently forgetting what happened to tara conner and other "beauty queens". You put yourself in the spotlight, people will try to find dirt on you. It is nothing personal that is the way it is in the 21st century america. That is how TMZ makes its living.
  6. You liberals would sell your own mothers out to get yourselves out of a bind.

    Carrie answered the question without calling Perez a cunt for asking yet.

    Perez called her a bitch, then a cunt, for her answer.

    Carrie didn't blame Perez for speaking his mind, she blamed him for going on a public smearing campaign for her answer and his intolerance of it.

    The Donald said the score Perez gave her was clearly biased/discounted since it didn't share his beliefs.

    Bible or no bible, Obama and Carrie share the same viewpoint on gay marriage. I guess he's a cunt as well.

    How come your liberal media never tried to find dirt on Obama after he put himself in the limelight?
  7. Get your head out of your ass I am not a liberal. If your primitive political dictionary has only 2 words (liberal and others) it is your your problem.

    Carrie is a nutcase and a sore loser. Her 15 minutes will soon be up.
  8. OK, let me re-address your kind.

    You retards -

    And way to handle the situation by calling her a sore loser. What about Obama?
  9. No, the retards are the people who believe "the wind" was responsible for those nipple shots.

    Why do you keep going to obama? Obama gave a standard boiler plate answer. I am sure there was at least 1 gay person in USA who abstained from voting for obama because of his position on gay marriage.

    That crazy bitch went on a tirade how her answer cost her the crown. She should blame Trump/Miss Universe organization for putting perez hilton as a judge in a female beauty pageant.

  10. Of course you are not a liberal. You are a statist. A liberal is someone who believes in individual rights and freedoms. It is way to generous to use the term 'liberal' to describe the Obama kool-aid drinkers. Obama has quite effectively removed a lot of power from the individual and given that power to the state. He has many more policies which he plans to implement which are designed to accomplish the same end. As such, someone who supports Obama and these policies believes in the state and not the individual.
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