Donald Trump on CNBC this morning

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  1. Any of you guys see or hear him on CNBC this morning. He was on the phone in the show. He was saying that we are living in interesting and scary times. The credit markets are shut down, real estate people have a hard time getting financing and etc. Oil prices are high. The dollar is low, which is helping the economy in NYC.
  2. And who hasn't said this???
  3. Trump was an irresponsible money burner longs before the banks got into the act.

    Look at his long history of busted stocks and defaulted bonds.

    He's full of #$%
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    his main statement was he donald trump cant even get a loan with aaa tenants
    to bad so sad
  5. Trump is a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them.
  6. His statements were correct. We are in scary times and credit markets have all but shut down once again.
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    is arrogant one of them.:D
  8. they want the housing speculators or real estate to use some of their own money for the risky profit. 25% down.

    the guy lending the money want some of the profit. 20% cut of the profit at least.

  9. 100 billion lost in bad real estate loans is HUGE.

    banks won't get the money back for the next 10 years FED holding the bag.

  10. tRUMP is part of the problem, not the solution.

    He's all about 'other peoples money' and getting lenders to hold the bag for his failures.

    Are you twits blind to that?


    "Up yours moron, it's in the fine print, Heads I Win, Tails You Lose. Better luck next time sukka"

    "Jezzus, a strong gust of wind and my toup is history"
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