Donald Trump is one of Rahm Emannuel's biggest donor

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  1. But i thought he's anti administration?

    Published: February 17, 2011

    "Illinois law placed no limits on political contributions until Jan. 1, and Emanuel made the most of the opportunity. He collected more than 70 contributions of $50,000 or more, accounting for roughly half the $10.5 million he raised by the end of last year. Those contributions alone were more than was raised by all of the other mayoral candidates combined.

    Many of his biggest contributors live outside Chicago. He received large checks from New York (the financiers Roger Altman, Ronald Perelman and Donald Trump each gave $50,000); Silicon Valley ($50,000 from Steve Jobs); and especially Southern California, where Emanuel’s brother, Ari, a powerful Hollywood agent, raised money on his behalf. David Geffen gave $100,000, Steven Spielberg $75,000."
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    Trump looks out for his own interests. I think the other viable candidate was going to do something that would negatively impact Trump's properties in Chicago and he also wanted to back the winning horse to extract business favors. Trump forgoes ideology in favor making a deal. That is why he should not be trusted as a politician should he run for office.
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    He's not running for office. He just says he is because he has a new Apprentice program coming in 2 weeks.

    Trump has been and always will be this generation's version of PT Barnum selling snake oil.
  4. I'm guessing he would not have been such a big hit at CPAC if they knew this.
  5. Getting the building permits for that Trump tower and any other building project he wanted to commence in Chicago, well, that shit aint free...
  6. What happened??