Donald Trump is doing seminars now

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  1. This is classic.

    In a question-and-answer session after the speech, he said that he's probably been a better father than a husband, and that he really isn't sure just how much money he's worth.

    "Forbes (magazine) says I'm worth $2.7 billion, others say $5 billion," said Trump, who rebuilt his development and gaming ventures after his 1990s financial meltdown, and today has his name on deals spread from Las Vegas to Chicago to Bahrain. "I think Forbes is way low, but who cares?" he said.
  2. Why does a supposed Billionaire need to do seminars ?

    On this news I would have two questions:
    (1) What does he plan to make on his seminar business ? It seems that he is no longer interested in his other ventures. If I was his business partner I would not be happy.
    How much time is he actually spending overseeeing his ventures ... sounds like he is basically an inactive partner in his other ventures that now has time to do TV shows ....

    (2) If this is not huge money and part of a larger business plan I would judge his activities as indicating risk associated with his judgement ...

    Of course all this is my opinion and there might be more to his grand plans than meets the eye .... lets hope so ....
  3. He is all over the place by selling his name like a two bit hooker to anyone.
    I am sure aside from infomercials and highly publicized appearances he has his flunkies doing most of the Seminar.
    I wonder which Apprentice came up with this idea for free before he was fired?
  4. how many seminars does it take to buy back a casino you ran into the ground?
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    times are ah hard i guess :confused:
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    He makes a million per seminar. Think rock concert prices, rock concert attendance and not having to haul tons of equipment and roadies around the country.

    His RE business is little more than the model of celebrity sports bar. He lends his name to projects, which in turn attracts buyers and then splits with the investers. One could say his business revolves around being famous. On the other hand though I'd say over exposed is bad for biz. Clearly he's a guy who lives for being atop a soapbox.
  7. He's not doing it for the money, but its a good incentive

    considering he has a "TRUMP ICE" water


    I think he just likes doing interesting shit

    not for the money, but for the love.
  8. Not for the money, for the ego:D
  9. Well the branding of his name is central to his success. It is my understanding that many of his real estate ventures are done through partnerships which leverages his name with very little capital investment. Take the Trump International condo project in Vegas. I think most of the apts were sold before it was ever built. This in contrast to Ivana's much hyped condo project which was cancelled because of the lack of interest.
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