Donald Trump for President? Real Estate Mogul 'Absolutely Thinking About It'

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  1. The real estate tycoon turned reality TV host is thinking of a new career, again -- as president of the United States. Trump said via phone on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Tuesday that he is looking at a possible 2012 bid because "this country will not be great if something isn't done rapidly."

    "For the first time in life, I am absolutely thinking about it," Trump announced.

    Except, this is not the first time. Trump has been flirting with the idea for nearly two decades.

    He first suggested running on the Republican ticket in 1988. A decade later, in 1999, he used similar rhetoric as Tuesday, telling NBC’s Matt Lauer: “I’m serious. I’ve seen polls come out saying I could win.” Except then, he suggested he would run on the Reform Party ticket.

    In 2007, Trump floated the idea of Oprah as his running mate.

    On Tuesday, he said he will run as a Republican.

    If history is any guide, Trump’s chances of winning, or even coming close, are very slim. Ross Perot, another billionaire businessman who founded the Reform Party, ran for president twice unsuccessfully.
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    Donald Trump is a dope.
  3. He wrote a book back in 2000 called The America we Deserve. He included a chapter on terrorism and was spot on regarding security concerns in this country.

    He has skin in the game and does want a country with future for his children but the ideology of business conflicts with running a country where everyone has a hand out.
  4. I wonder if he'd deport Rosie.
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    We couldn't get that lucky!

    If we could deport her, I wonder if some canibal country would take her? EWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Trump for Fed Chairman!!

    James "Shortie" Carville Out :cool:
  7. To be a president you need either (preferably both):

    A. Money
    B. Connections

    Trump has neither:
    He is broke, his real state investments values collapsed, he's indebted as hell, and his casinos and other developments declared bankruptcy.

    He has no connections.
    In fact he has debts to powerful people, and most wealthy people don't like to even shake hands with him.

    Trump is actually a zero.
    Don't believe anything you watch on reality TV.
  8. 1) He's merely being a publicity whore. That's all.
    2) Using history as a guide, it's a great, long-term, sell-signal when he does decide to "run" for office. :eek: :D
  9. I have zero respect for this guy. I think you need to learn more about TRUMP.

    The only thing he did well was master the game of deception and leverage all his RE to the HILT.

    How about that tower in Chicago he just built...hummmm who is taking the bath on that "Investors" and Buyers of the units.

    Atlantic City anyone?

    His show Apprentince is fucking stupid. A bunch of lame ass MBA students, some with work experience, some with out jocking to work for Trump.

    The only thing I can say about he made his money. But just because you make money doesn't mean you'r a sharp business man.
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    If Trump ran on the GOP ticket, he'd more than likely be a spoiler. Hope we don't run into a situation like that!:eek:
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