Donald Trump Can Put $2 Billion Into His Presidential Campaign Against Obama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Then why can't he afford a decent hair piece?
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    He can't mess with one of the things that makes Trump, Trump.
  4. No way can I believe trump is serious about a prez run. IMO, he just sees an opportunity to get air time, promote the trump name a bit, market his self, etc. His name recognition is a big part of his business so to me he's just marketing.
  5. Trump is so full of shit,I doubt he could put 50 million into a campaign.Mitt Romney can spend more on a campaign then trump could afford to.

    Trump is not running for president .No way is Trump going to put his over leveraged imaginary wealth,personal life and business dealings under intense scrutiny.I don't even know why some republican voters want him to run,how could they ever trust a guy who was one of Rham Emmanuel's biggest financial supporters
  6. You're right. It's just him stroking his own ego. He si totally unacceptable to the vast majority of primary voters.

    I will say this, his experience screwing creditors could come in handy. Bottom line, he would be a huge upgrade over Obama but he cannot possibly get the republican nomination nor get elected.
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    A sock puppet would be an upgrade over Obama.
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    From a foreign affairs perspective, Trump would be a disaster. Vastly worse than Obama. If he has read a single history book I'd be surprised.

    Domestically, Trump would learn that laying off people to keep a company in the black is very different from laying off citizens to keep a country in the black.

    His management style, by his own account, is screaming, not building consensus.

    In short, he'd be torn apart in a debate with any real politician.
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    Ha ha ha ha. I often think my dog makes better decisions than Obama. She learns from her mistakes.
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    LOL!!! :D
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