donald harold smokes out cramers 6500 call

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  1. Cramer has so many opinions, many contradicting, that it doesn't matter what he says. Sometimes he is right, sometimes he is wrong.

    There is no consistency. His show is for entertainment purposes... guy is a circus clown.

    If he wanted to be a real trader he would just reform his previous hedge fund or whatever.
  2. ughh cramer
  3. Haha. +1
  4. Cramer has become increasingly hard to take. I think the Jon Stewart beatdown deeply affected him, and not in a good way. Guys like Cramer grow up wanting to be popular with the cool kids, and they never grow out of it. To Cramer, Stewart is one of the cool kids, good looking, smart and smooth in a way Cramer could never master, despite his millions. The fact that Stewart was acting on orders from the same White House that Cramer supported and deeply admired had to hurt.

    As for cramer's skills as a money manager, one need only recall how he rode down one of his fave positions, Citigroup, to single digits. He had faith in his hero, the disgraced Bob Rubin. You don't hear much from him anymore about how briliant Rubin is, or how C is a worldbeater.
  5. Weh weh weh.

    Guy is coining bank, who needs the hedge fund stress.
  6. He was also almost 100% in cash for the 1987 crash and greatly outperformed the markets and most other managers during his hedge fund days. But everyone seems to dwell on a bad call or two made on his TV show. I'm neutral Cramer, but at least acknowledge that he has done some great things with money management in the past.
  7. Eight


    Who are any of us really?
  8. Jon Stewart good-looking??? You can accuse the dude of many things, but this isn't one of them

    BTW, its looking like Stewart's call-out of Cramer is one of the great bell-ringing bottoms in market history.
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