Don’t attack Iran! Anti-war protests hit Israel

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  1. anti-war activists have rallied in Tel Aviv to warn the authorities against a potential attack on Iran. Protesters began their march at Tel Aviv's Habima Square, before making their way to the city's Meir Park.

    Campaigners fear that mounting pressure could escalate into all-out war, the effects of which would reverberate globally.

    The protest grew following a recent spontaneous Facebook campaign in which large numbers Israeli and Iranian citizens united in their opposition to potential war between their countries. The initiators of the phenomenon, however, explained on their Facebook page that they had nothing to do with the Tel Aviv protest march, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports.

    The campaign was launched last week by graphic designer Ronny Edry and his wife, Michal Tamir, who uploaded a poster onto their Facebook page which depicted Edry and his daughter with the words, "Iranians, we will never bomb your country, we [heart] you."

    The image sparked a whole movement, with many other people sending their own similar messages from Israel, Iran, and elsewhere in the world.

    On Saturday, participants on the march held signs with such captions as "No to War with Iran," and "Talks, not Bombs," as well as “No to pre-emptive suicide.”
  2. yeah when it comes to 60% of Jews being against attack on Iran, there are no comments

    if a thread is about nuking Iran with our nukes while they have none.

    that thread would receive cheers

    funny how American mind works :cool:
  3. Funny, in this article you posted there is a header that reads "100s of Israelis Protest War with Iran", but in your post it says 60% of Jews.. do u see a problem with that?
  4. Eight


    oh yeah, wow, protests! Those always have so much effect on the outcome of things!!
  5. Who said this article talked about 60%, I was referring to another article I came across in a Jewish newspaper.

    I'll google it and post it.

    And by the way when there were mass demonstrations not long ago in Tel Aviv involving 50 000 demonstrators.
    Guess what they beef was?

    not Iran
    It was state spending on military and special forces and less on needs of ordinary people