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  1. This is a question for the people here who are using I signed up for the free trial but can't seem to get to the chatroom. I've emailed the owner this afternoon, but haven't heard back yet. When I try to log in, it says that I have the wrong "key." What is that? Any help appreciated.


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  2. GeeTO69


    you should have been emailed the current password. (it changes periodically). after you've set up the mIRC according to the instructions and logged on, type in the dialogue box the line of verbage just as he states to do in the instructions, then a space, then the password you have received by email when you signed up. hit enter and you're there.

    'verbage' (space) password
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  3. GeeTO,

    I appreciate your help. I got the password this afternoon.

    Happy Trading,

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