Don, whats the word?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Babak, Mar 11, 2002.

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    Some time ago, Don Bright challenged chatroom operators, websites, and other net 'gurus' to let him review their picks with the objective of quantifying their results and seeing if they were worth their salt.

    Its been around 3 months now since a few brave souls took your challenge, so whats the word Don?
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    yes, I too wondering why we haven't heard anything since? Why all the hush-hush? Where are the results?
  3. I did post that there were very few who participated well, and that the results were actually inconclusive (+-$500 in a month). Rather than say who did not do well, I would rather say that we may have missed a "mid-day" change or something.

    I am working with an intern to develop a more complete method to try this again.

    I thank those who participated, and hopw that they will join in again when we are ready.....
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    There are plenty mock trading places on the internet, why re-invent the wheel..... mytrack has simulation trading accounts for each month... just let all the vendors trade there.

    Of course, +- $500 is nothing of surprise... these so called gurus are no better than random entry/exit.
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    I just noticed that has posted some results (on their front page there is a link)
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    Holy Chit!! I'm just gonna give my money to Ken. 285% in three months!! What am I workin so hard for.
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    I entered Don's contest, though Im not sure he is taking my results into account since I gave swing/position trades due to the fact that we could not update intraday and he would not take into account gaps and other events. So, the trades given to Don had to be, buy at X, target at Y. In events of gaps it was my understanding that trades would be taken at the open, and he would not adjust them. Also, when it came to money managment, he would not agree to allowing me to determine what size to use based on an $X account. He simply said, I'll trade between 100 and 500 shares at my discretion.

    Here are the trades I gave to Don, if anyone cares.

    <b>Jan 6th. </b>

    DST Systems (DST) Short at $49.40. Stop at $50.30. Target: 48/48.50. At printing $48.90 move stop to breakeven.

    Barr Labs (BRL) Short at $77.34. Stop at $78.30. At $76.50 move stop to at least breakeven and trial out above pivots. Target $75ish.

    Shaw Group (SGR) Short at $23.60. Stop at $24.30. Target $22.25. Move stop to breakeven at $22.90

    These will be valid all week.

    <b> Jan 13th </b>
    Short MSFT at the open as long as the open is at or under $69 but not below $68. Stop $70.10. Target $66. Move stop to breakeven once the stock has moved $1 in your favor.

    Short Veritas at $45.90 with a stop $47.65. Target $43. Move stop to breakeven after it has moved $1 in your favor.

    Short Emulex at $44.90 with a stop at $47.10. Move stop to breakeven and take profits on 1/3 of the position at $41.10. Target on remaining shares $39.

    After the 13th I did stop giving Don trades because he was on here saying that non of the guru's were producing profits for him and would not really respond as to what he was doing with my stocks, simply saying..well we may have missed a few stops and targets.

  8. Don,

    My advice is forget about it. You wil never devise a methodology that will satisfy everyone, and you are likely to end up getting sued if you publish anyone's results or lack thereof. Perhaps that's why you have chosen to keep mum about the results. Who needs the hassle?

  9. This can easily turn profitable trades into a losing system if the wrong position size is being used on the wins/losses

    Robert Tharp
  10. Give me a break! Shortboy has been toasting all those so called gurus and trading systams for years. It's not even close. Shortboy results speak for themselves.

    And Babak can vouch for that. Why don't you speak up?

    Sam Contari
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