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    congrads don on the llc gig. you've taken a lot of heat. that being said thats why i'm retail and i'll take my 500k and pay 1/4 your rates. but this should help your business
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    I think everyone who has given him heat needs to come and grovel for the big man's forgiveness. :)
  3. And exactly how much can you make using only 500K?
  4. If you can't make a living with 2 mill BP then you suck as a trader. Hell you can make a living with 250k BP. 2000 shares of $125 stock, catch a 25 cent move every day and that's $125k per annum.
  5. what screws up most traders are these overly simplistic logrythmic projections that suggest if only I just do...

    now that doesn't mean one shouldn't have some objective towards trading and earnings expectations, but there are so many more essential steps towards success that such a simple often quoted phrase: catch a 25 cent move every day and that's $125k per annum

    • does not do justice...
    • it the primary cause of failure of so many competent investors trying to transition towards trader status...
    • distracts most transition traders from actual improvements in their style and achieving success
    • holding on to these simplistic projections never takes into account the complexity of the markets, or most essentially...
    • the need to have regular and daily economic discussions that might change one's approach towards trading that particular day

    caution is advised, unless you can actually draw the steps and see whether they can handle your weight (read - your own competence level at the point that you're at, not where someone tells you to be...)
  6. What is the congratulations for?
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    I can't remember the last time i held less than 500K in overnight :p