Don Millers Trading E-Minis Courses

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  1. Of Trading Markets recognition...I will be willing to swap or lend this 2003 CD and workbook for comparable material. I have the more recent three day live course and workbook too I will do the same with...once I find it. Just moved.
    He is good,legit and quite consistently profitable with his approach. TradingMarkets site will give more info on the both of these. Let me know...
  2. balda


    Does he still uses MAs and support resistance?
  3. I have John Carter mini dow tradingmarkets course and tradingmarkets Don Miller trading emini SP course. If you still have your's, then contact me.

    If anybody else is interested in doing a trade for these two courses I have then message me.
  4. I've got two of Don Millers courses and Carters book so I am okay with those at this time.
    Do you have the 3 CD live one?