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  1. yeah, I'd have to say Don Miller. don't know where I'd be without Don Miller. I'd really like to thank Don Miller for teaching me trade. Hey, is anyone interesting in joining me in my Don Miller chatroom? Actually, does anyone have Don Miller's phone number? bobcathy, do you know where Don Miller lives? I'd like to visit him.
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  3. Excellent. Do you think he'll be happy to see me?
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    I don't know, are you bringing him a winning lottery ticket?
  5. Unfortunately no, but I wouldn't dream of dropping by without bringing up a gift. Does he like chocolate?
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  7. Mister X

    Mister X

    So ChattyCathy, how did Don Miller do today?

    And how's that Don Miller chatroom coming?

    Did you get your Don Miller t-shirt and coffee mug yet?
  8. Maybe we could organize a "Don Miller Bus Trip."

    To make it !REALLY! worthwhile, we could also stop at the Bright Headquarters for a week as well. Come to think of it, why not look up the Pristine boys too!

    ... In fact, let's seek out every slime-ball, snake-oil, wind-bag "trading expert" we can find and drop by for a few days.

    OK, Daniel M - you're incharge of buying gifts for all of them (a small token of our collective appreciation).

    ... oh, and it would be just swell if we could all dress in our "Don Miller" tee-shirts!!!

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    Thank u GreenDog

    good to see some one has a clue.
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    3 winners and 3 washes for today.....missed a great spot noontime because I took a break. Oh well. Made a profit.

    I have started the chat room, but you need to have been using his system for at least 6 months to get in.
    No chit chat.
    Dem is da rules.

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