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  1. I keep hearing positive things about Don Miller's new emini course.

    Does anyone have any experience with it (or his QQQ course)?

    What is his approach? What indicators does he use?

    (OK Cathy now's your chance to plug your CD again!!!)



  2. I am VERY skeptical.

    I read some of his stuff on tradingmarkets.. and it looks very discretionary to me. Also.. his records never indicated that he made over $1mil. I read somewhere that he only made $400k in a few years. That certailnly is not a track worthy of selling $1k videos. I wouldnt even speak to the guy unless he made over $1mil per a year and traded for atleast 10 years. Then I would listen.

    You see the thing I hate about these guys that promote their trading strategy is that if we each paid $1k for a seat at his seminar.. at the end of the day.. each of us would be trading totally differently. He uses combinations of MA's, time frames, and stochastic... for reversals. There is no real way to duplicate his performance. His focus atleast on tradingmarkets is more of entry and setup as opposed to exiting and scaling out.

    I bet you the price of his video.. that if 100 people bought the videos and training.. at the end of 6 months.. all 100 people would have totally different results and their trades would be totally different on any given day. The same time I would be be going long.. you might be going short.

    I would avoid it.. regardless of what anyone says.

  3. i used to trade with a guy who was a member of his room for a while.. he said that Miller knows his stuff and trades very well but that he wasnt able to make the strategy work for him.. its a somewhat discretionary style..

  4. Like Trend Fader said, if this guy can't produce major green, no reason to pay 1k for the course. I was a member of a chatroom where Mr. Miller was a member. He did very well back then but he was trading JDSU and it was during the biggest bullmkt of our lifetime. He, like many self proclaimed gurus, switched over to trading qqq's and mini's when the stocks stop overshooting by 1/4's and 1/2's.

    Here's, let me save you some money and give you a real quick course

    1) Set up stochastics charts for 1,3,13, Daily time period. Make sure you use reg stochastics and slow stochastics.

    2) Set up your moving averages to 5, and 200 periods

    when it's under 20, it's oversold, when it's over 80, it's overbought.

    Ching ching, when you make the big bucks, give me a cut when you sell your tapes on

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    Although I'm not a candidate for a seminar or advisory service, I wouldn't be at all dismissive of a technique that is more discretionary than mechanical. A guy like this Don Miller probably has more "added value" to an intermediate skilled trader than most any "system guru". No one is going to teach you, for a paltry 1k, a specific "system" that will allow you to make good consistent returns with minimal D/D's. I'm a pretty good trader and I couldn't provide anyone with a "textbook" of how it's done. But i could give a trader some how to's, very discretionary, yet IMO valuable. Trading is both an art and a science afterall. If we all took a music class, we could learn to play the same songs. But if the instructor asked us to compose, the results, from student to student, would be quite different.
  6. Not sure I care what anyone has made. It's what they can make you that counts.

    Plenty of traders making a killing and probably couldn't teach you how to make 2 cents.
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    Plenty more vendors who can't produce one year of profitable trading statements, yet will take your money in an instant teaching you everything they know.