don miller, what do you think of him ??

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  2. I thought bobcathy quit trading? If so, that should answer your question.
  3. I found his methods to be crap. I got his trading the E-mini (for free thank god) method and it is basically a MA crossver with a conventional indicator to indicate overbought/oversold levels...

    It can work in trending markets (as most MA X-overs will) , but he doesnt explain any of this, hence if you are new, you will get chopped up all the time..

    I learned this quickly, so I stopped using it..

    If you are looking for a guru, I believe better ones out there exist..

    He has, I assume created new material that hopefully will ad more value/insight since the stuff I used.

    I used his course about 1 3/4 years ago, I assume much has changed.

    I dont doubt he is a talented trader, but the course I had just wasnt good..
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    I suspect that one person trying to apply the method and not having success has very little to do with how relialbe it really is. In Trader Vic he mentions having tried to teach a number of people, as have other successful traders, and most of them found it rather difficult. People have to understand why a person is doing what they doing, not just that they are doing it. Further, you can not transfer one persons experiance to another, so it can make the education stuff very difficult. A person also has to have a passion for this business to make it. I'm pretty sure Don is passionate. I can remember many times in the late 90s being up past midnight and finding Don online still working. I have not talked to Don in a long time, but he is one of the few trading educators I respect as a trader.


  5. nah, i merely have "journalistic" interest. but thanks anyway !


  6. Whatever happened to bobcathy1? Whatever happened to marketsurfer?

    All gone? :(
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    I bought his stuff and used it for a few weeks and got my moneyback!

    I found no real benefit from it other then just a simple m/a system on it's own.
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