don miller trading emini live for sale

Discussion in 'Trading' started by daytraderpete, May 31, 2003.

  1. I have taken as many notes as I can. The course is making me steady money scalping. Make me an offer and it will be well worth the cost.
  2. If it is making you steady money, why are you worried about making extra $$$ selling the course?

  3. who said anything about being worried about making extra money?

    This website is dedicated to helping each other improve as traders. Obviously a fact you have not grasped, I have watched the videos several dozen times and have taken all the notes I can. So I have decided to offer them for sale. If I sell them fine, if I don't thats fine too.

    I am trading full time for 4 yrs, and I still have no problem spending money on my trading education. It's the only way to improve, besides live trading.

    The real question here is how could you ask such a stupid uninformed question "why are you worried about making extra $$$ selling the course?" , to someone you have never met?
  4. ScaleOut


    Why is egharris such a dumbass?
  5. Workbook included?...
  6. yes, workbook included
  7. I assume this has been sold?...