Don Miller Traders out there?

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    I am looking for other Don Miller style traders who would like to email back and forth who REALLY use his methods and have studied all of his tapes and courses like me. I have been working with them for 2 years first with QQQ and now with EMinis. PM me if you are interested. Cathy:D
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    Yoo, hoo.......any body out there?
  3. we back to miller again :-/
  4. I went through his CD Course and use some of his ideas some of the time. I'm always happy to discuss trades and methods with serious traders. I trade ES only. Let me know if you'd like to compare notes. I prefer doing it real time in Paltalk or Mirc. Thanks

  5. ok, ok...For about six months now I have seen nothing but Don Miller this, Don Miller that...The way people right about the guy, you would think he was a modern day WD Gann or Wyckoff...Is this guy creating anything that is innovative, unique or is he just re-packaging this multiple time frame scaling technique and making people, who have never read any other material on the topic, believe that he has something original?

    Not trying to be a critic, I just want to know what the appeal is...
  6. the dude definitely needs to change his 1970's style clothes and haircut. what a joke !

    surfer :)
  7. I guess it's just simple... that's a big plus, IMO. I don't use it, but have one of his CDs.
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    Just learning the cd now. Signals are clear as are stops and targets. Who knows maybe my ticket?
  9. Can anyone please summarize the nature of Don Miller's methodology?

    I've been following his columns on, but do not totally understand his methdology.


    -- ITZ
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    I will try and answer these questions.

    1.) The chimp and his method are the same thing except for one detail. Don likes 3 charts open at a time, I prefer to concentrate on ONE.
    2.) It is just a very simple system that is perfect for novices like me. I really learned how to trade with it on QQQ. If you already "know it all"....this is not for you.
    3.) He is no GURU, just another guy making a living, grinding it out one trade at a time. That is what I like about him and his ideas.
    4.) I just quit my job to trade full time a month ago. Had a nice long vacation driving around the US and it is time to buckle down and get to it. Papa needs new toys!
    5.) I lost my trading partner. He gave up on daytrading this method. It requires a lot of focus. So it is not for everybody.

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