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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by new2trading, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. Ok I have been running across this guys name quite a bit. Can anyone tell me does his system work and better or worse than any other? If some of you like it and trade it can you give me some general background on how it works? Thanks all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. bobcathy1 is our resident don miller expert....
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    If you want to know more PM me or go to and sign up for a free 2 week trial and look up all the articles he has written.:D
  4. I am not an expert yet, but have been studying his video for a while. The method is simple, it can work. I believe the most important part, as in almost any method, is the discipline. Plus, it's good to practice it a bit (his simulator alone is not enough) to see that there are better and worse setups that he uses for entries.

    In other words, once you are proficient and disciplined enough, you can make money using it, but almost the same can be said about any other reasonable method.
  5. With the free trial, you only get about half the articles on the site.
    The rest are blacked out. But it's still an interesting read...

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    During the free trial, you can't get into the trading seminars, but the article list from Don and others is intact. Don does not have a trading seminar anyway.