Don Miller is My Trading God

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  1. Okay. Some one asked for a thread dedicated to the Trading God
    of them all. Here it is. So lets be truthfull and let it all hang out. I
    want everyone to explain exactly how, when and why Don Miller
    became their Trading God.

    To this thread I dedicate to Don Miller, the Trading God...
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    Because his method works!

    I have been using it for 4 months. Before that all I did was lose money in the markets.
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    Are you the only two people in his church?
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    No there are more, but they are shy and only PM me.
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  6. You can get a pretty good idea what Don Miller does by reading his posts on A couple of time frames with moving averages, bollinger bands and stochastics. Nothing mysterious about it.
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    or, you could do sthg really useful and go for a ride.


  8. Why is everyone giving Donny baby such a tough time??

    If Cathy is profitable trading his method's then he has to be worthy of some respect, neh? At least he is one of few guru's that has a verifiable trading record.


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    i didn't know that, that's certainly more than can be said for the remaining 99,9% of the snake oil community, respect.

  10. Nothing's wrong with his methods. In fact, they are very simple. So simple that charging for them $800 is outrageous. And you get no money back guarantee. There are some teachers out there (Tod Mitchell is one of them) that offer more for about the same price and you still get a money back guarantee.

    Miller's methods may work and appparently do for some, but that does not mean they are worth $800. At least not too me.
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