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    As a newbie i heard many good things about Don Miller's strategy.


    !!!!Please let me know what you think!!!!!!!!

    I intend to buy his CD or video.... Pm me if you wanna sell it.


  2. The question should not be, "does his strategy work?"

    The real question is, "will YOU work, with his strategy"

    In all seriousness, that's how you should be thinking.
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    Everybody agree with this statement????? :)
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    lots of truth to that, build your own method out of many but remember the most important part of the trade is managing the risk. once you got that down your'e well on your way brother.

    happy trails:)
  5. I agree with these guys. I use his system, but i adapted more to the way i like it. The system works very well for me, but that does not mean that it will work for you. Overall, i find it to be a great system, and i love it.
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    I use it. I like it. I have adapted it down to a single one minute chart. No bollingers. Easier to watch one chart rather than flip through 3-5 of them for me. I am a simplicity junkie.

    In his column today he is talking about no bars, just MAs.....wild stuff.....simplicity to the max.
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    Nothing all that magical in his course, you could probably find the system description somewhere on this board.

    I'd advise taking the 3 min cross with market analysis, entering only on initial retracements and exiting even faster on BB stabs. You only look for small 1 to 3 point type wins. Done correctly, sure this method can make money.. done wrong, you could lose it all. That goes for any system out there.
  8. Are you telling me Don Miller is changing his system to just using
    MA's and dropping his bars? Next thing you know, he will be
    shaving off his moustache... :mad:
  9. [​IMG]

    Apologies in advance for my lack of ability in smoothing the colors effectively... gotta say, taking off his moustache takes years off his look...
  10. I reviewed his e-mini course and have found a different result.. from a risk/reward perspective including a reasonable stop loss (lets say 1 1/2-2 points) you need to shoot for 3-4 points per trade for it to make sense. correct? I could be wrong... If you are always selling/covering into the BB, you can usually only make 2 points. If you readjust your stop, you end up getting stopped out all the time...

    This is what I have found: once you have a winner, let your stops take you out of the trade.. You end up catching 10+ point movers a couple of times a week, and get stopped out on small losers.. the discipline REQUIRES that 4-5 small losers in a ro doesnt make you change your goals.....

    Again, I am new at this (futures) but it seems like this works...
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