Don Jones (Cisco Futures) Online Course on Market Profile

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by OrangeCat, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. I've searched ET for any information on this online course and found very little to make a valid decision. So I was wondering if anyone in the ET community who has personally taken this online course would state their opinions.

    Specifically, if you have taken the daytrading online course, did you find any new information aside from the information on their web site or the free book he offers called "Value Based Power Trading"? Likewise, did you get any useful information that could not be found from other resources like the free pdf book from the CBOT on Market Profile. or James F. Dalton's book "Mind over Markets" or Steidlmayer's newest book on Market Profile?

    As you know, Market Profile is a tool to assist in trade decisions and not a method of trading such as Elliot Wave. Therefore, I am not trying to find out if this course teaches any specific trade set-ups. My main interest would be to determine if the material in the online course gives you a better understanding of the double auction market than the reference materials mentioned above.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. Orange,

    I"ve taken the course. Don is a great guy, helpful, and one who will give you the straight story. His course does give specific trade methodology. Unlike your example of elliot wave, auction market theory provides specific, objective trading tactics. It's probably the best few hundred bucks you can ever spend on education. No indicators, no false promises, just a real understanding of how the markets work (from a statistical perspective) and how to apply it to real trades.
  3. Thanks for your opinion Bundlemaker!!! I hope this will help others who are interested in this course.:D