Don Johnson 8 billion?

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    Heard the end part of that CNBC story. Does anyone have details? He really had 8 billion worth of paper on him?
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    Apparently, I also saw this story reported @ Bloomberg website.
  3. Don Johnson denies cash stash
    11.16AM GMT, 12 Mar 2003

    Former Miami Vice star Don Johnson has been caught up in a money-laundering investigation by German Customs officials.

    Johnson, 53, was stopped last year while travelling from Switzerland to Germany and officials discovered almost $5 billion in share certificates, cheques, credit notes and bonds in his possession.

    Officials in Germany have not filed any charges, but have passed on the information of the discovery to US authorities.

    Leonard Bierl of German Customs CID explained why US officials were informed: "That wouldn't have happened unless we were suspicious about why he had all these stocks and shares on him."

    The papers were found in a suitcase that the Nash Bridges star was carrying from Zurich.

    When he was stopped on November 6 last year, Johnson claimed he needed the documents for a business deal.

    The television star - once married to Hollywood actress Melanie Griffiths - is already in hot water in the US.

    He is being sued in California for $1 million dollars after allegedly failing to repay a bank loan.

    A spokesman for the star confirmed that Johnson had been stopped at the German border, but denied he had $5 billion of stocks and shares on him at the time.

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    Der Schweizer Milliarden-Trip des Don Johnson

    Als Pastell-Polizist Sonny Crockett bekämpfte Don Johnson in der Achtziger-Jahre-Serie Miami Vice die Ganoven. Jetzt ist er selbst ins Visier deutscher Fahnder geraten - wegen des Verdachts einer gigantischen Geldwäsche.,1518,239719,00.html

    Geldwäsche = money laundering

    Verdacht = suspicion

    Milliarde = billion
  5. Nice post, msfe...
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  7. Reuters
    Wednesday, March 12, 2003; 8:50 PM

    By Jill Serjeant

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "Miami Vice" star Don Johnson on Wednesday vowed to fight allegations that he was embroiled in a money laundering ring, saying news reports that have circulated the world this week had caused him "irreparable damage" including the closing of two of his bank accounts.

    Johnson, 53, told Reuters in an interview that there was absolutely no truth in a story originating in Germany that he was being investigated for money laundering after $8 billion in cash, bonds and share certificates was supposedly found in his car during a routine border stop last November.

    The story, which Johnson called "ill-founded and farcical," was picked up by dozens of newspapers and television outlets around the world, prompting one U.S. television news program to compare Johnson with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

    "There is no truth to this story ... It has no merit, no foundation. They have taken a routine incident and blown it up into this money laundering ring that supposedly I am involved in, and it has caused me unbelievable difficulty.

    "I have had two bank accounts closed. I'm in a new partnership in an investment business and both of those bank accounts were closed today as a result of this story," Johnson said in a telephone interview from his office in Beverly Hills.


    Johnson, who said he was a frequent visitor to Europe, said his car was stopped at the German border in November for a routine check after a meeting in Zurich with business associates about a film financing project. Johnson was going to Germany to look at a new Mercedes model.

    "They gave me gave me some bank statements, some resumes, stuff like that to show they could perform as investors. My assistant had them in a briefcase," he said.

    Customs personnel asked to photocopy the documents. Johnson agreed, chatted and signed autographs with them and was then allowed to go on his way. He said he had not been contacted since either by German or U.S. authorities.

    Johnson said he was hiring attorneys in Germany and considering legal action but feared the allegations would continue to dog him. "I don't know that I will ever be able to clear my reputation and regain my credibility."

    A German customs spokesman said on Wednesday that there was no criminal investigation underway into the documents found in Johnson's car.

    Johnson, who also starred in the television police series "Nash Bridges" and the movie "Tin Cup," said he had learned to accept adverse media attention during his 30 year career.

    "This is something different. It makes it very difficult for people to do business with you because the perception is there that one time you were involved in something shady.

    "The only thing I can do is to deny these charges, show there is no truth in them and let people know I am not going to sit idly back and be slandered and accused of things that are beneath my character," he said.

    "The gloves are off."
  8. there is no use to start criminal investigation - cause it's enough to keep the 8 billion and Don Johnsons bosses will "punish" him...
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    in the SPIEGEL article German customs officers are cited as having said that there is no criminal investigation [yet] - and that `everything may well be perfectly in order.´
  10. in a car? is that legal ? He has no film career to speak of but I wonder how can I get into this line of work?? I guess you must be famous and figure no one will search you. He should have driven that ferrari or whatever they use on the set of Miami Vice cause I am sure the Gemans had no clue who he was....
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