Don Imus rips Leslie Stahl

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  1. March 24, 2004 -- DON Imus called CBS's Lesley Stahl a "gutless, lying weasel" yesterday for abruptly canceling an interview during which Imus planned to hammer her about conflict-of-interest allegations.
    "I realize it's a little late in your life, honey, to start gettin' honest, but just say 'I don't want to appear on the program . . . because I heard what he said earlier this morning,' " Imus railed.

    Imus had promised listeners he'd ask Stahl why she and "60 Minutes" didn't disclose that the new book by Sunday night's controversial guest - former terrorism official Richard Clarke - was released by Simon & Schuster.

    Both the publisher and CBS - as well as Imus's station, WFAN - are owned by media giant Viacom.

    "60 Minutes" executive producer Don Hewitt said the program should have disclosed the corporate connection but that leaving it out was merely an "oversight."

    Imus yesterday accused Stahl of being "one of the more dishonest members of the media" for allegedly going too easy on Clarke, who's been characterized as a disgruntled former employee by Bush administration officials.

    "She did everything but slip her tongue in his ear," said sidekick Bernard McGuirk.

    "No wonder Fox [News Channel] is killing people - because people hate these people," said Imus.

    A CBS News spokesperson told The Post that Stahl had to cancel Imus to shoot extra footage at Grand Central Terminal for upcoming segments of her primetime magazine "48 Hours Investigates."
  2. Yeah, poor Dickie Clarke who not only failed miserably on the job but now tattles on his President gets a plum book deal and movie rights -- not to mention that he thanked President Bush profusely in his resignation letter. Fortunately, the commission is destroying his ass because in his previous testimony to various government hearings he didn't make a f***ing peep.
  3. Don Imus endorsed Kerry BTW. And who cares about Leslie Stahl, the content of the book is what's important. Clarke is testifying under oath, confirming that what he wrote in the book is true.
  4. Hey, I'm happy for the guy -- he's cashing in on the terrorism craze. Admirable.
  5. Surely you think it is relevant that Viacom is using a supposed news show to pump a book it is publishing? They claim they "overlooked" the need to disclose this monumental conflict. that's f*cking BS. They did the same thing with O'Neill's book. Plus, can you imagine those sanctimonious assholes on 60 Minutes cutting anyone ELSE any slack on something like this?

    The facts that have now emerged about this Clarke character show how dismally Leslie Stahl failed to meet even minimal standards of journalism. And they criticize Drudge.
  6. Stahl is a skinny b**ch with a nasty , left leaning attitude. Thought that long before this 'incident'. I used to like 60 minutes (years ago) but since the earring and the other hacks took over from the pros, the show blows.

    Still like Mike Wallace.