Don, I want some of your money to trade

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  1. Here's the deal Don. You give me 100k to trade using whatever methodology I choose. If I lose any of your money, then I don't have to pay it back. Whatever I make I get to keep 90% of it and I'll give your Bright firm 10%. I want the ability to margin 100x as well. I want state of the art equipment including redundant T3's, a few 50 inch plasma wall panels and about 12 monitors. I will need two assistants, but their salary can't come from my trading funds.

    Also, I want my own office.

    Can you accommodate me? You're probably asking what's in it for you. Well -- you can sponser my journal here on ET with this and gain from the glowing reviews I will give your firm to every future person who PM's me.

    What do you say Don? Let's talk.
  2. Well, you are now on the Most Active Posers...oops, I mean Posters, list.

    What else can Don say, but yes?
  3. That's what I'm thinking -- I'm glad we're on the same wavelength here.
  4. Hey! I asked Don first.... and Don, don't forget to throw in two hot blondes to assist me during the afternoon dull period...
  5. mdmbud


    :D :D :D :D :D Funny string.... made me laugh this morning...
  6. Well, I really glad to some of you appreciate the position I get myself in here at times. :)

    I know that you serious traders will be able to find a way to further your trading careers, align with a good firm, and make yourselves successful, without having to enter into a "deal with the Devil"....


  7. Don,

    Before we begin I'll need you to sign some NDA's, along with a few other pieces of paper.

    Look forward to getting your call!
  8. Don might be more tempted to reply if you actually did something like.... make a trade?
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    ...I want what your smoking......;-) lol this cracked me up today...

  10. Aphie, Christmas comes December 25, not a day sooner.

    Despite Don's appearance and avuncular style, he is not Santa.
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