Don Bright's trading strategies

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rtharp, Nov 1, 2001.

  1. Don tried numerous times to get off topic and talk about trading strategies. I'd like to personally invite him to post some here on this thread if he wishes to.

    Please do not get in arguments about different Professional firms on this thread. Thank You.

    Robert Tharp
  2. I agree..

  3. dagve


    Anyone care to explain the opening only strategy? Is it some sort of index arb scalp?
  4. Magna

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    I hope Don meant it when he said he wanted to discuss trading strategies. And I also agree that this thread should stick to that topic, no frustrations with personalities vented here.
  5. Bob777


    Great topic. How about Echotrade sharing some of their trading strategies.

    Go Diamondbacks!!!!!!

  6. After the warm welcome he received here do you really expect him to share the wealth? He'd have to be a masochist to continue to post here.

    PS It might help if you spoke English. (ahhhhhhhh ...check your spelling). :p
  7. liltrdr


    Both companies charge a grand for a training seminar. Why would a rep from either company divulge secrets? And aren't the two strategies pretty similar since Echotrade was started by Bright traders.
  8. exce26


    I sensed you are currently a Bright trader,,,,,Aren't you?
  9. TonyOz


    He couldn't possibly be with Brite, because he trades NVDA all day long (a Nasdaq stock, last I checked) :) :) :)

    Hmmm, I might be wrong. It might have been another guy RX or something like that :D
  10. vinigar


    Belive it or not...not all of us here are interested in character assignations...there are pros and cons about all of this I am not interested in working for a pro or a prop firm...I would rather work for myself...the recent beating you took here must be hard for you...on the other hand many people stepped up to the plate and complimented should be congratulated for all your hard work and success...not to many people can say that they started a trading business...went through hell to get it going and keep it going...most of all your ability to maintain your composure and keep a level head and to strive to keep things on a higher level tells me something about you.
    I agree with RTharp here, and invite you to continue to share your insights as regards trading...I am pleased to see Tony Oz here...and others. It is you guys that have taken our profession to the level that it has attained...with more of your help and as a profession can only get better!:)
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