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    I'm very new to trading and want to paper trader using Don Bright's system as I've heard good things about it. When I go to search the posts, however, I'm having difficulty actually understanding what the system actually is. There are simply two many pages with traders explaining what profits or losses they made on any given day. Can someone simply give me the actual pages or pages that describe the core of that system or method?
  2. I'd be more than happy to teach the system to you. My one on one mentoring sessions run $1000 for an afternoon of training. When would you like to get started? :)
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  4. Yes....much cheaper....although a little more work. Why anyone would pass up the chance to learn from one of the best is beyond me! :D
  5. In that case then who would be teaching? Shouldn't dpg2020 be the student? :)

  6. Unless you are trading prop or a larger retail acct it probably isn't worth your trouble.

    But I'll teach you for $500 in one afternoon if you really want to learn. :D
  7. The higher frequency (short-duration, fill dependent, etc) stuff doesn't lend itself too well to papertrading. I would focus on daily bars or trades that have longer duration because its gonna be really hard to tell if you'd actually gotten filled where they do.

    You might check the old chat event transcripts rather than the posts for an explanation, if that doesn't work.

    Also note and I say this from personal experience that strategy in its orgional glory has been arb'd out pretty well as they say. Most traders including the Brights have tweaked it out but you won't find the better of those tweaks posted here. ;-)
  8. Well get what you pay for!
  9. mschey if I give you 20k will you give me three tweaks? please please....I wanna be a milionaire like you...then all my problems will go away, and I will live happily ever after. :)

  10. I like you....I would give you a free coaching session electric! But I must forewarn you, money is not the answer to your problems, it might help you work through some of them a little easier.

    BTW, does your forex system continue to perform well?

    Continued success!

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