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    Don, you've been awfully quiet lately. Hope all is well. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. :)

  2. John, and all my friends here on Elite Trader - Thank you so much for all the support you've shown me over the years. I'm looking forward to hanging with you all in 2013.

    As far as Bright Trading is concerned, well, we are putting together some pretty cool stuff, new COO coming on board, and lots of new educational workshops.

    But, right now, I just want to say Please hug your family, enjoy the Holidays, and keep in mind the most important things in life - your health, family, and happiness.

    We'll get back to trading soon......


    To everyone a Merry Christmas, or whatever your personal Holiday is, and a Happy New Years!!

  3. Maverick74


    Good to see your still ticking Donny Boy. I was getting a little worried there for a while. :)
  4. ofthomas


    When will all the new changes be announced?
  5. happy holidays! don is always a huge help on the boards, even to n00bs with dumb questions! may 2013 be a highly profitable and successful year for the entire elitetrader community!
  6. happy prosperous new year to Don Bright & company

    and Elite traders too

  7. Brighton


    Wow! Look at the messages immediately above. Unless I'm blind to snark/sarcasm, rarely have I seen three positive messages in a row.

    It's like the opposite of getting up on the wrong side of the bed, the opposite of someone shi**ing in your Wheaties. What's going on? Did the three posters get lucky last night?
  8. I think it's awesome that Don has relocated to the Belize jungle...
    And is building a lab to synthesize "antibiotics" from exotic plants.

    By making such a profound and selfless contribution to humanity...
    And bringing a measure of humanity to the Heart of Darkness...
    Don deserves to bang all the smoking hot babes...
    That crawl out of the woodwork to exploit any passing millionaire.

    There's a long thread on Bluelight where Don discusses his work.

    Oh wait...
  9. Hi guys, thanks for the nice words, and the fun. I've been a bit down lately, a normal flu turns worse when you have other health issues.

    I am hoping to give you guys the first draft of our New year plans for Bright Trading next week.

    I'll be checking in, thanks again.....

    All the best everyone,

  10. Don, did you increase your min deposit to 50k? I saw that in another thread and wasn't sure.

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