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  1. Don Bright we need your input in all this about the Bullets being stopped.


  2. Hes probbally like "Oh Shit" :eek:

    just my .02
  3. LOL

    I bet traders all over the place were saying that this morning.

    As someone else posted there are a couple of offices that relied HEAVILY on getting short in front of size.

    I already forgot what thread I posted it to but I noticed that one of the guys whose research eventually led to tigher spreads (decimals) came out last week and even said they had gone to far and that nickles would be more optimal.

    Guess I'll have to check out that SSF's class at the expo this week.

  4. Yeah I agree, futures and currency are starting to look like better prospects daily..

    They need to instill nickel spreads to regain some of the liquidity they are about to loose.. not like the specialist wouldn't enjoy it..

    Until then, I guess I'm bullish the equity market.. not like we have anything to do with it anymore..

  5. Don is probably a very unhappy camper today ...
  6. jem


    I know bullerts and conversions were a great source of revenue for some firms.
  7. seisan


    C'mon guys - get real - everybody at the corporate office observed Don as his usual very busy self today with the many hats he wears running a top stock trading firm. Bob, Don and the company advisors were analyzing and discussing the aspects of the document soon after it was released, and trading as usual.

    What ever ultimately shakes out from this SEC Interpretive Release on Married Put Transactions - it takes affect this Friday - you can be sure that BT will be at the forefront of adapting to the market.

    Anticipating and dealing effectively with change is simply part of Bright Trading's business model. Don, Bob, and Earl Van Alstyne always emphasize that point to their traders, BT training classes, local college classes, and their radio/internet audience - and challenge them to do the same as business entrepreneurs.
  8. If Don is as good as people say he is at pushing his weight around, he will contact the sec and have this rule reversed or at least put on hold for awhile. Cmon Don its your turn to start crackin some heads.

    Lets do it.
  9. Bullets being stopped, specialist system being questioned, AT Financial chart software going out of business, WorldCo going down...

    Gee, is the world finally become a better and smarter place?
  10. Hey Don i have not seen a comment? Please tell me you did not skip town cuz of this?
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