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    I have a situation which I need some help with. Because I have a conviction within the last ten years I cannot obtain my series 7. My choices as I understand are retail or an unregistered firm. I want to trade with an unregistered firm for the leverage but as I hear these unregistered firms are not recommended. Are there any LLC's that do not require a license that have a good reputation? I am located in south Florida. Please give some direction.
    Thank you in advance.
  2. What type of conviction? I believe after 3 years you can get it exponged. I could be wrong.
  3. Dre or Dr. Dre as he is known in the industry, whose real name is Andre Young, had pleaded no contest to battery charges stemming from an incident where he allegedly beat Ms. Barnes, a Fox TV rap show host. Any more questions?
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    18 U.S.C 371 Conspiracy to transport stolen property in interstate commerce
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  6. We had a kid that had a grand theft auto and he found Jesus and had not problem.
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    thanks for sharing. Is there any information you can offer regarding the process he used to get licensed,was it within the 10 years, anything would be helpful.
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    There are numerous respected and legitimate trading firms that do not require licensing. The requirement of licensing has to do with how the firm is structured and registered. Safety of your capital is tied to firm capitalization and the competence and integrity of the owners.

  9. I'll PM you.

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    Strange, but I never saw Jesus on Grand Theft Auto.
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