Don Bright visits Assent Vegas office

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  1. Don,

    We'd just like to thank you for your informational visit to our office today. I know Bright is charging .004 to everyone on every share (no haircuts?? seat fees??), and can't keep those trader applications in stock ---what with all the traders moving from Assent back to Bright.

    I'm sure the comment about someone not being able to get his money out of Assent so he can transfer it to Bright was just informational in nature. .......And that you, "just happened to be in the neighborhood..."

    We're happy to have you visit anytime.
  2. Hey Don, you trolling?
  3. Hope there was lots of food!
  4. Just to clarify, .004 per share for all shares above 1000 shares per trade. The first 1000 fee is based on overall monthly volume. We design a pricing plan to fit every trader's style and capital usage. Feel free to call for more info.

    And, heck, I didn't want to pay those outrageous prices for your vending machines just for snacks. We really were going to Schwab (in the Hughes center), and I like to keep in touch. Better than spending time at WizeTrade with my brother like you did (lol).

    And just so you don't think you guys are too special, I have lunch with the head of the Generic office every month, and met with Norman (head of the new "SilverStream" office on Sahara (boy, talk about a nice office, way too nice for our traders lol), and am planning on meeting with the boys from Redwood soon. One big happy family, hoping to help one another by avoiding "rogue" traders, and talk about connectivity and all that. I still get a couple of hundred traders to come to my schools, I don't need to recycle the old ones (but we do take them back if they ask nicely )

    Don :D :D
  5. Now we wouldn't want you moguls talking about rates when you all get together.:)

  6. i feel snubbed.
  7. Im not accusing YOU personally, but after all the spamming done by the A/A guys on ET over the past year, this is funny stuff!!!

    Now you know how PointDirex, Bright, IB, Redwood and EchoTrade feel as they spend tons of advertising money only to be constantly assaulted by 'antonymous' spammers on this board...and that doesn't include the 'anonymous' spammers who constantly go after worldco traders and offices....let's face it we arein a dog eat dog world....and right now, your wearing milk bone biscuit underwear!!!..:D :D
  8. I invited you to the office in Atlanta when I was there......don't feel too bad!! lol

  9. damir00

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    what's a "rogue" trader?
  10. A rogue trader is one who goes from firm to firm owing money to everyone......I have one circumstance where I warned a competitor, and they ended up losing over $400,000 of their money, and then he was almost hired to manage another office......the firm that lost the money put the kabosh on that.

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