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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jem, Apr 29, 2003.

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  1. jem


    Don Bright was just seen in the Andover/Assent office in San Diego. It was a truly and impressive display. Was it balls, jealousy, scouting, lack of dignity, I do not know but it was beyond the scope of expected human behavior.
  2. Are you sure it was Don and not his evil twin?
  3. I just saw him at the Spearmint Rhino in Los Angeles -- tucking one dollar bills into g-strings like it was 'nuttin!

    High roll'in, baby!:cool:
  4. Babak


    Maybe he was lost? or needed to use a bathroom badly? or....
  5. What's the deal with Don Bright? It seems from various postings he evokes strong feelings, both positive and negative. From my novice point of view he seems more than willing to be helpful by answering questions and offer suggestions.
  6. The "sighting" is true....and I wondered how long it would take to make it to elite trader. Obviously, not long. I asked permission to "come aboard" and it was granted, then after a little grumbling I was asked to leave.

    I have walked in unannounced, but with full identification of myself to WorldCO, ETG, Generic (we have lunch once a month), and many is really too bad that a few harbor such grudges.....I won't take it personally, and will just attribute it to a concern by higher ups.

    To jem and jack, I hope you can make it by this afternoon.....and please bring JKirkland and my friend Mr. Tharp.....

    Another curious thing, is that I guess "Lynx Capital Partners" is no longer there, they have a new (paper) sign up called "ASSENT" or something like that......glad to see progress is being made. (Possible misspelling of the name, and if so, I apologize, perhaps JEM can illuminate).

    I would like to say that I don't make "visits" under "guise" or behind an alias.....just being friendly.....believe it or not!!...

    4PM HardRock....

  7. Thanks, and I must say that you are much more insightful than those who are festering some other agenda.

    Thanks, OZ

  8. MVP


    I wonder if Don will sound more convincing once I am drunk?

    Maybe if he brought a full bar and dancing girls to other trading firms he will be more welcome.

    I wonder how Bright Trading is doing if he has so much time on his hands?
  9. Obviously Bright Trading is doing brother is in Egypt, and I am touring with the troops.....and had a good day trading as well.....thanks.....

  10. jem


    Since I am not in management I do not know what the deal is with assent. Just been told it was a name change.

    I too once wondered why so many held such strong views about Don. As I never had a problem with Bright Trading I tried to stay away from being Anti Don. Even when I thought he may have been spinning things a little too much. But then he made what I thought were nasty incorrect and underhanded remarks about the trading business I was running. So now I am going to call him out --- It seems Bright is now selling it own "sub franchises" as part of their LLC. When I get answers I will probably back off. until then it is my mission to get beyond the snake oil and find out what is in Bright's magical trading elixir.

    Don I wish I could join you today but alas I have something else to do.

    Stay tuned for a vigorous round of questioning. By the way I expect you will come out fine --but the information will come out.

    Question 1 will any of the traders be in a different risk pool if they are part of a sub franchise/ sub llc/ independently owned office.

    more to follow.......
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