Don Bright quoted in today's WSJ

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    Today's section on Wednesday's Markets in the WSJ had some words from Don Bright.

  2. nice, congrats to DB.

  3. I thought Don was done trading for the day at about 9:45, after he closed his opening orders. I guess that's why he has time to consider the long term direction of the market. :p
  4. hughb


    How do the reporters treat you? Do they demand you take their call immediately or will they wait for a call back? What exactly do they ask when they call? Do you always make it a point to talk to them? Do they get pissed if you don't?
  5. They're all different. Peter McKay is pretty mellow, we chat a couple of times a month. He'll leave voicemail sometimes, I call back after the close. Now that he's writing more for online vs. print, I try to get back to him sooner.

    Local people are really nice.....NYTimes sometimes a bit huffy, LOL.

    And, no, my day does not end at 9:45, LOL.
    Believe it or not it, LOL.

    All the best, guys.

    Speaking of reporters, any more info on the Trading Market gig? PM me an update when you can Mr. Surfer...thanks.

  6. Excellent analysis for this market Don (I agree).

  7. I get calls a few times a month, looking for "words of wisdom"


    Chuck Norris calls Don for "words of wisdom".
  8. How did you find out that he and I are one and the same, LOL.

    Don :D
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    OK, A - Chuck might not like the comparison. :)

    B - WSJ is all fine and good, but how come no one mentions when I get not only my name and quotes in the paper, but also my picture???

    I'll cut you some slack, maybe you missed it, so I'll post a link. My name is Brian Penderman from Oshkosh, WI. That's me on the couch -->

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