Don Bright is Satan...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TSGannGalt, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. maxpi


    Don's traders should be making a fortune today!!
  2. I don't get why Don is bashed...

    It must be something... like some Astrological Influence... or maybe...

    It's the OMEN!!!!
  3. Actually marketsurfer might be satan... I just found out that:


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    This is as of this writing...


  4. saxon


    Actually, I think it's GANN!!


    Removing the G's you get: TSannalt

    Removing the final "lt" you get: TSanna

    Reverse the last 2 letters and you get: TSanan

    Move the "T" to after the first a: SaTnan

    Drop the first "n" and you get: **SATAN** :eek:

    yep...those demons are clever at hiding their true identities, alright. we must be ever vigilent!
  5. Actually Don and his brother Bob are satan together.

    Go to this site

    Type in Don bright and write down the number...then type in bob bright and write down that number...add them and divide by 2 and you get 666
  6. Sounds like the DaVinci code revisited (note the similarity between Don and T.Hanks??)