Don Bright is a GREAT Human Being

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by thetraderprofit, Aug 16, 2002.

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  1. Just thought I'd throw this thread up since the Exposing Don Bright thread has been closed.
  2. Why is the other thread closed?
  3. I like to think about some of Don's ''bright'' ideas and maybe play it a different angle.

    An elite trader mentioned Don's ''dividend play'' Iwish my USA Senators,rep would do like I ask and get rid of all taxes on dividends.

    Itis not just the money it might bring in some new players.

    It's not just the money ,its the principal of the thing and the money.:cool: Never did cut a trader off because his timeframe differs from mine. '' Hope this helps''


    Borrowed the word ''bigtrend'' from Price Headly-Alan Farley
  4. The other thread was closed by th Bush Administration because it was being used by Al Queda operatives
  5. Thanks a lot guys, as if I don't get enough flack from some of these guys. I do appreciate the sentiment, albeit somewhat "tongue in cheek".....

    I like the "turtles" response, makes sense that we all have something to share at times.

    Good trading Mr. Prophet ....

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    And once again, another thread of little value. To OPTIONAL777 and all others concerned, I've given my reasons for closing some of these threads, and I'll repeat it here: "I think we need to move on to new threads, new topics."

    For those interested in idle chit-chat like this to pass the day, I suggest starting such the Chit Chat forum.
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