Don Bright in today's WSJ

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    "We're seeing pure fear right now," said Don Bright, of the Chicago proprietary firm Bright Trading. "My guys who usually trade 5000 shares at a time are now trading 1000 or 2000. They're a lot more skittish."
  2. First the Pope, now Don, very busy news week.
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    Where do you think the Pope gets his market information??? :D
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  5. he's so smart
  6. BoSoxFan


    does anyone have any thoughts on Bright Trading?

    They have an office here in boston and i believe the minimum deposit is $10K.
    Is this the norm?

    Does anyone know any news positive/negative about the company?
    I'm interested in getting into prop trading and are weighting my options.

    Thanks everyone.

    GO SOX!!
  7. pm don bright on this forum
  8. Is he some kind of "cover page" indicator :)
  9. Know the difference between Don and the Pope?

    The Pope is really rich.

    The Pope has a nicer hat.

    Don will go to Heaven.

    Don can sell shade in the Vegas summer.

    The Pope is adored by millions of Catholics worldwide.

    Don is worshiped by rooms filled with heathen youth in the pursuit of riches.

    Both have growing franchises in a game of chance.
  10. Straight from the top.
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