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  1. Hi guys....since I've played guitar for 50 years, and have never been to the Austin music scene, I thought I would plan a trip. Maybe a weekend and a couple of trading days.

    While I'm there, I though I would host a meet-up for traders. All traders would be invited, free food and drinks on me. Hopefully educational, traders from anywhere (retail, other firms, etc.) would be welcome. No "hard sell" of Bright or anything (those who came to Toronto and Chicago will attest).

    I'm hoping to do it pretty soon. I would like to get a feel for you Austin traders, see how much interest there might be.

    Do me a favor, send me an email to: with AUSTIN in the subject line.

    Hope to see you there!!

  2. Wow, that was quick. I'll keep the list of email addresses. If you prefer to use the PM here on Elite to keep your anonymitiy, that's fine as well.

    Should be fun!

  3. Montreal is also lovely this time of year...
  4. Don,

    You seem a nice guy (is champagne included ?)

    Hope I can meet you one time.
  5. I like London, can't have traders there for some legal reason at this point in time. I would love to come to Australia, my brother enjoyed playing blackjack down there. My Russian traders seem to be much happier here, LOL.

    I'm planning more time away (let the next generation take more of the day to day), and am open to some travel/presentation destinations. I like to have trader mixers, always fun.

  6. I don't live in Austin. Can you send me a few hundred? I promise I'll take myself someplace nice.
  7. You know you have an open invitation to Vegas (Vegas Baby!).

    Don :)
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    Quote from Don Bright:

    We'll cover some cool programming while I'm there as well.



    How about a Trader GTG - "Cool Programming" at COOL RIVER!

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  9. you're rated at O'Sheas, right?

    No Glitter Gluch. Nudity offends me. Well, at least mine offends people.
  10. It never stops with you, LOL. Yeah, Osheas, nice place (not) LOL.

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