Don Bright buying Goldman

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by hughb, Jun 25, 2008.

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    In the Tuesday's Markets section of the WSJ:

    "It looks to us like enough shoes have fallen in this sector," said Don Bright who runs a trading firm in Chicago, referring to the idea that the raft of trading losses written down by financial firms in recent months may be nearing an end. Mr. Bright was a buyer Tuesday of several financial names including Wall Street bellweather Goldman Sach Group which rose 1.9%.
  2. The subject line reads like he's taking over Goldman. :D
  3. Don't tell anyone about the LBO, LOL.

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  5. Boy, I dunno. Seems like no end to these bad boys.

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    Btw, how do I get this toenail polish off?????
  6. Ha - nice one
  7. You sneaky devil! Had I known you were behind the move I'd have held my position. I have a buddy who told me earlier this month that GS would give a 10% move this month. He's usually good on his calls and a bit optimistic in his return thinking. I caught 7.5% and bailed but had I known you were behind the scenes...I'd have joined your acquisition team. :)